The lab.

Where these technologies come from.

What we're trying to do

This started with a simple question among a group of friends: "Wouldn't it be cool if...".

Since 2006 we have been creating technologies that can be used for Interactive TV.
You see back then we believed Interactive TV will be the next big thing in entertainment.

Interactive was a buzz word for a while, but we are starting to see mainstream adoption for on-demand media in the living room thanks to fast connections and TVs and consoles that support apps.

On-demand media is a great start - but we can take it so much further. Clickable moving surfaces, contextual content feeds, live voting, social media integration, scriptable video, interactive control of viewing angles... basically anything we can think up.

Who we are

We're a group of software geeks, video engineers and sports broadcasting professionals that just think TV could be a lot more fun.

Our group is passionate about this subject and we all would do it without a paycheck. And some of us do!

How you can help

Believe it or not, big media companies and baby boomer investors don't understand why broadcast TV is ultimately doomed. They are all comfy the way things sit. But TV never had to compete with torrents, and the social media generation before. People are putting down the remotes, and picking up the tablet.

We need the funds to see our technologies get to market. We are competing against big broadcast companies and we want more from what they want to give us. Let the consumers speak!