How VantEDGE works.

A content engine to power the television of tomorrow.

The Technology

360° camera system that combines multiple video technologies to stream live interactive video over a broadband network.

And it’s perfect for interactive advertising.

The Camera System

The 360° camera system captures everything inside it’s field of view using up to 100 moving HD cameras (that can cover an entire stadium) all synchronized in realtime.

Imagine the Matrix, only real. The viewer at home can interactively and smoothly swipe between a multitude of views generated by the system.

Interactive Experience

Viewers at home can enjoy the freedom of interacting with the video angle they are watching while simultaneously experiencing new interactive features.

Live Tracking for sports allow you to click on a moving athlete to pop-up his stats as he moves down the lane. Click on your favorite actor while watching an exclusive television feature to list all of the movies they have appeared in.

Advertising Applications

Interactive advertising truly engages the viewer in ways broadcast tv just can’t provide.

360° viewing allows for detailed product display during full motion video advertisements.

Moving clickable surfaces and contextual cues mean the user can get more information on your product instantly. And even bookmark it for later viewing!

Target your ads toward the demographic of the current user logged into the app. No more guess work!